Monday, August 2, 2010

I love lists

Especially food related lists. Every time Seattle Magazine releases a Top (fill in the blank) of Seattle I ALWAYS buy it. I now have the issues on burgers, restaurants, desserts and I would have breakfast if I didn't lend it out to a friend (sad, it was the best issue! Luckily, the article is online) Yesterday at the grocery story, I saw that they had an issue about SANDWICHES. I haven't heard of half the places in there and I can't wait to eat my way through the issue. Any takers? I want to try at least 1-2 sandwiches from each category!

Portland Haul

Even though I'm off the clothing ban (I had to get some new clothes for work), I ended up spending more on books than I did on clothes on my recent trip to Portland. No trip is complete without a trip to the Waffle Window! This time I had to try the chocolate dipped waffle along with the 3 B's (Bacon, Brie and Basil) and I can't believe it took me so long to try it. It was amazing.


I could spend hours and hours in Powells. I can't imagine how much money I can spend there! This was only after about 45 mins of browsing. I had to put a few books back and email myself the titles so I can borrow them from the library. I never really wanted to read Eat, Pray, Love but the movie trailer made it seem pretty interesting. Everything else I brought based on the back and I hate to admit, on the cover. I miss reading!