Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday night dodgeball

Tuesday and Friday nights on Capital Hill means dodgeball in Cal Anderson Park. I stumbled upon this about a year ago and I wander by every once in a while. There is something that I love about watching people get hit in the face. I'm a closet violent sports fan (hi hockey and rugby!). Here is a crappy video I took of the mad dash to get a ball.

It only gets rowdier and rowdier as the night goes on. It's a great way to just chill with friends on a Tuesday night.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

lemon blueberry ricotta pancakes

The best part of the weekend is having the time to make a real breakfast! I have to admit that I rarely get pancakes when I go out for bunch because omelets are more enticing to me. I saw this recipe on the Food Network (Secrets of a Restaurant Chef) The recipe didn't call for blueberries but I had a carton from my CSA box that I needed to use up. It tastes even better with them. Again they were light and airy due to whipping up the egg whites separately.

blueberry lemon ricotta pancakes

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

gooey coconuty goodness

I've been slowly cleaning out and reorganizing my pantry. One thing that I seem to keep buying is oddly enough coconut milk. I'm slightly addicted to making green curry for dinner since one batch can last me 3-4 meals. So when I found 4 cans of coconut milk hidden in the back, I decided to make the Triple Layer Coconut Custard Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

Mine didn't turn out nearly as pretty as the original recipe, so I am posting her picture.

It's a little tedious to make but so worth the time. Even the cake by itself is worth the extra dishes it takes to separately whip up the egg whites. I can't wait to make this cake again!

my oh my

another bazillion days since I last updated. I can't help it! it's World Cup time! So besides watching a ton of soccer, I've managed to sneak away and watch The A-Team.

Now before y'all judge me, there is a backstory to why I went to see The A-Team. Remember a while ago when I went to Vancouver and we accidentally walked on to the set? Well, they didn't let us cross the street so we weren't really "on" the set. I had to watch the movie to see what they were doing in that specific scene! It actually wasn't all that bad. Definitely action packed and who can really complain about Bradley Cooper right?