Wednesday, December 30, 2009

fuji instax camera

I am way too addicted to buying cameras, film or digital. Since Polaroid stop making the 600 film, I need another fix for instant shots. The Fuji Instax Mini seems to be all the rage now among a lot of photographers. I never felt guilty for using Polaroids mostly because the cameras were so cheap to pick up at Goodwill but it's hard to justify spending $85 on a plastic toy camera. At least film for the Instax is so much cheaper than polaroid now. Here are some shots from flickr.

Photo by: Renata

Film comes out the top!

Photo by: Snikey!

Maybe I'll get it for myself as a birthday present come February...

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  1. If you can wait a bit, there should be some Polaroid B&W film coming out soon. I don't know the price, but I'm pretty excited that it's B&W!