Saturday, May 7, 2011

tulip festival

The weather gods must have forgotten about Seattle because we are still stuck in gloomy winter weather. Randomly last Sunday, I got a text from an ex coworker. "Hey Z, it's sunny out, if I treat you to breakfast, want to drive to the tulip festival?" I don't need to be bribed with breakfast for a fun adventure up north. I never believed the hype of how beautiful a tulip field is and honestly, how long can I spend in a tulip field? Well, the answer is 3 hours. Yup, I was there for THREE hours.
Doesn't it seem fake? The farm is huge! They have a garden that guests walk through and breaks down each variety of tulip. Then they have 2 separate fields FULL of tulips. I was a little sad that there was so much red. I wish they had some yellow tulips in the fields!

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