Sunday, April 11, 2010

saturday night = roller derby night

Ever since I saw Whip It, I really wanted to go to a Rat City Rollergirls bout. I went to the exhibition match (since it was the end of the season) and while it was exciting, it was no where as exciting as a real bout. So when P called me up to first ask if there was a Sounders game (wow, my friends know me well! and since there wasn't) invited me to go to the bout, I jumped on the chance. I secretly love violent sports (but no blood, please) so I thought this would be right up my alley.


These girls are brutal on the rink. One of the crowd favorites, Anya Heels, was the hardcore, she would send the girls flying and ended up in the plenty box. She was pretty much sitting there for the 1st half the match.


I ended up rooting for Team Throttle Rockets (mostly because we were sitting in their supporter section) and they ended up losing by just 1 point. It was amazing because it was all because of Voltron 3000 who made up the deficit of 25 points to bring them to a neck to neck battle until the end. Another bonus was that we ended up setting a national record in attendance for a derby with a crowd of 5,600+ spectators. I am bummed that I will have a Sounders game the next match because I really want to go to another match.

I took a video but it didn't load probably on to flickr, I'm posting it anyway even though it wasn't one of the more exciting rounds of the night.

PS: Sorry, P, if it seemed like I wasn't totally with it at the rink, I HAD to check up on the Sounders. I swear, I had a TON OF FUN.

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