Saturday, June 5, 2010

'roid love

I was cleaning out boxes from under my bed (I was looking for a dress that I swear I didn't donate) and I found my box where I stashed my polaroid cameras. Why do I have them in a box and not running through the city using them? BECAUSE THEY STOPPED MAKING FILM FOR THEM. I brought up as much as I could before I stopped seeing them instores/online. I think I have 3 more boxes left in my fridge. Luckily, there is a company out there who wants to revive the art of instant film and brought polaroid's film making machines. Unfortunately for me, no matter how often I check, they haven't restocked since they debuted the new film. For now, I'll just have to keep checking and store my camera back safely in the box.

It doesn't really look like much, does it? If you pull up on the part that's sticking up....

and the camera pops out!

It's an SX-70 model if anyone is curious and the tab part that you pull on is the view finder. The fun thing about the camera is you have to manually focus and you get to see your images right away!



  2. Hey Zon, my wife Kate (Embarrassment of Riches) pointed out this post. Don't know if you've been catching what's going on with the Impossible Project, but they have some film to fit this. It's pricey though...

    Impossible PX 100 Film