Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Grilled Cheese Grill

Even though Portland is not that far from Seattle, I find it hard to stray from the gems I've already discovered. One of the gems is the Grilled Cheese Grill (which has now branched out into a second location-The Double Decker Bus!).



When I first found this place, I was too full having just polished off a slice of pie and chai at the Random Order House. It was too interesting of a place for me to drive by and not stop in. This time around, I arrived on an empty stomach. I really like the interior. They transformed the bus into a little restaurant. Each table comes with a box of Trivial Pursuit so we can quiz each other while we relive our childhood. Half the bus is booths and the other half is "bar" seating. There's a pretty fun mural painted on the ceiling but due to the time of night, it was hard to photograph.



I think it's hard to mess up on grilled cheese and while they do have a few fancier sandwiches on the menu, patrons are really mostly paying for the ambiance. And the fact that they are open until 2:30 am, a good drunken snack!


  1. The ambiance DOES look pretty damn amazing! I love your pictures; it makes me want to go back to Portland stat!