Sunday, January 3, 2010

sunday brunch :)

Since breakfast is the best meal of the day, I went out to brunch with my close friend, K. It's a funny story on how we became friends (we walked home in the snow last year from work) but now it's hard to imagine what I would do without her! One of our favorite pass times is soccer but more specifically the Seattle Sounders. We are just *slightly* obsessed. We haven't gotten around to exchanging Christmas presents yet and my present from her reflects our obsession.

First the adorable card!

How crafty is she?! She covered a soccer book (How Soccer Explains The World) with stalking 101. I am going to love reading that book in a cafe! I am so ready to know all about soccer for this coming season. And just for good measure my Sounders jersey, March 25th can't come soon enough.

K, I love my present and I can't wait for you to be done with school so we can go to ALL OF THE GAMES!

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  1. don't know what i would do without you Z! seriously cant wait to come back!