Saturday, March 20, 2010


Since it was so nice outside this morning, I decided to take a walk around Greenlake. There also happened to be a high school crew meet going on there! Lots of people/dog watching. I think I pretty much decided that I need to get a labrador in the near future. We saw the cutest black labrador pup! My friend Paula spied a hummingbird along the water. I inched closer to take a picture but it flew away.

(I don't know what crazy setting my camera was on, the sky was NOT this blue today)


After 1 lap around the lake, we ended up walking up to Hiroki's (thanks, Hollin, for the rec!) to get a treat. I ended up getting the orange roll and it was delicious! So much better than the lemon ones I made!

THEN I went to get sushi for lunch. All in all, a GREAT Saturday!


  1. yay!!! you went to Hiroki's.. Did you love it? He also has amazing custard/fruit rolls, too, I love them all!!!! Don't forget about Mighty O Donuts, too, though.

  2. I LOVE the place, Hollin! I usually walk to Mighty O's from my house but now I'll have to trek a little farther for Hiroki's. Such a cute place, thanks for the rec!

  3. Is that iced coffee I spy? I am going to dream of that roll!