Monday, March 8, 2010

Portland part 2

The best thing about the Ace Hotel is that they have FREE bike rentals. I've never biked on the streets of Seattle but it is super bike friendly in Portland. They have an entire lane (regular sized car lane) for the bicycles so I never have to worry about cars next to me.

I am a huge waffles fan and so far every time I come to Portland, I go to the Waffle Window! I got the 3 B's (basil, bacon and brie) and it was sooo good.

Kate got a sweet waffle that looked equally delicious.

We biked around some more to burn off the calories (plus it was a gorgeous day). Spring is definitely coming to the PNW. Love all the cherry blossoms!

Proof that I went biking. The orange blob near the bottom is the truck bed that we borrowed to take the photo. I think I need a tripod ;)

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