Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Taiwan pt 2

No one ever believes me when I say that my grandparents owns a piggery and grows all their own vegetables/rice. Seriously, they buy only small amounts of pork, beef, seafood and fruit. Everything else they grow in a special plot with no pesticides. My great grandmother is 60+ years old and still gets up at 5 am everyday to tend to her crops. Even though it rained EVERY since day there. This is what it would look like if the sun is out.
I took this last time I went back. Taiwan's temperature is so mild that crops can grow year round. My parents usually pick enough vegetables to last them 2-3 days.
Here is my mom with a huge bundle of spinach and my dad with 2 heads of cauliflower. He also had 2 pocket full of green beans. There is truly nothing better than vegetables that fresh.
We also have banana trees!

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  1. I would be in heaven with so many fresh veggies. And those bananas!