Saturday, March 6, 2010

Portland part 1

So last Saturday (I'm so behind on blogging!) I went down to Portland for a quick weekend getaway trip. I've always heard about the amazing the food carts down there. We decided that since the Korean food cart was the busiest, it would be the one that we would try.
There were so many tasty choices. I got the spicy pork and Kate got the tofu bento. Both were equally good (very spicy!) and very cheap. We didn't even come close to finishing it and could have easily shared it.

We walked around and went shopping before checking in to the Ace Hotel Portland. What a fun hotel! I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the lobby but it has a great lounge area with free wifi, free bike rentals and a Stumptown Coffee attached to it as well a 2 restaurants with great reviews in yelp. Unfortunately, we already had so many places to check out so we didn't even think about eating there.
I don't know how they managed to have 2 full sized beds in the room. It was still very roomy with room for suitcases. I also have to say that the pillows there are amazing. I tracked down the company who makes it and I'm tempted to order them!

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