Saturday, December 4, 2010


Working at J.Crew has taught me a few things about putting myself together. One of the quickest way of looking pulled together is to throw on a cardigan. (Actually part of the dress code at J.Crew is that you always need a 3rd piece, cardigan, vest or blazer) As a result, I've accumulated more basic cardigans than one person should own. I've definitely curbed my jcrew shopping quite a bit since I work at Crewcuts now and I don't have many friends who have kids. Until I found out that I can fit into size 14 there...well only size 14 boys on top. I came to the realization when I was closing down the store and was folding this caridgan.

It is one of the softest and coziest cardigan I've seen in a while! It probably doesn't hurt that it is also cashmere. I might wait for it to get marked down again before it gets added to my cardigan rotation.

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