Sunday, February 7, 2010

allergic reactions are no fun

The reason why I haven't had any posts until today is because I woke up on Wednesday with a nasty allergic reaction. Initially it was just around my neck that swelled up then as the day went on, I developed a rash. Since I was at work, I didn't want to take too much benadryl (how does anyone stay awake on that?!) took some when I got home and zonked out. Good lord, the next morning, it was all the way up to my cheeks. I looked like a chipmunk! Luckily, the night before I made an appointment for the doctor just in case it wouldn't go away. I went to the doctor and didn't really get any answers. They took some blood but the only thing I learned was that I didn't have an infection since my white blood cell count wasn't elevated ( I thought it might be a lymph node infection since my arm/armpit area was also swollen). Long story short, I ended up coming back with a bunch of drugs and it's slowly getting better. I still have no idea what caused the flare up to begin with but I'm crossing my fingers that it goes away by Friday.


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