Tuesday, February 9, 2010

wishlist wednesday...surprisingly yellow themed

1) TEA SUBMARINE (can you tell how excited I am about this?) I don't drink tea on a regular basis but if I had this (along with a clear mug) I would be drinking it everyday. How fun :)

2) I love screened prints like this. I'm also a sucker for any sort of map.

3) yellow converse!! When my purple ones wear out, yellow ones are going to be next!

4) This J.Crew tank....which I must confess that I did buy even though I wasn't going to buy any clothes for the entire year....it only came to $26 after my discount. I'll donate 2 shirts that I don't wear to balance it out.

5) Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. I was SO close to getting this when I was in NYC last November but I got talked out of it. It would have been quite the souvenir from the trip.


  1. Funny - the color of that purse is the perfect compliment to yellow! One of my fave color combos. You should totally get it!

  2. purple and yellow! can't go wrong with that :)