Tuesday, February 9, 2010

everything is cuter smaller

I've always known that Ben & Jerry's made little ice cream cups but I had no idea that Dryers had the same thing! I found them at the QFC in Wallingford tonight and they are on sale for a buck. From the freezer section to the check out line, I had 3 people comment on 1) how cute they are, 2) that it's surprising a good amount of ice cream in 1 serving (B&J's mini cups are on the small size) 3) that it as on sale for only $1. It comes in 5 flavors, vanilla, mint chocolate chip, coffee, chocolate and chocolate chip. The only thing that would make it even better if it came with a spoon of some sort, maybe that would push it over the $1 mark? Who knows. Anywho, I took a picture of it with a pack of gum for a size reference.


It might become a staple in my freezer. I am slightly addicted to ice cream though I done with Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. A Costco size pack of those suckers puts you off them for life, I still have 3 of them in my freezer from LAST summer.

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