Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Foodgawker vs Punchfork

I've been a fan of Foodgawker ever since it came out. Who needs cookbooks when you have Foodgawker! I'm usually on there towards the last hour of work and I need to madly figure out what I'm going to make for dinner. The one thing I didn't like about FG is that half the time, when it was my turn to try out the recipe, I would fail miserably. At least when I take recipes off of Food Network, there were many reviews/friendly suggestions on how to tweak the recipe to make it foolproof.
Screen shot 2011-08-02 at 7.54.01 PM

I recently found Punchfork which uses real time data (from twitter/facebook likes etc) to rank all the food related blog posts. So the creme de la creme are feature on the front page. I hate to say it (since it feels like a popularity contest) but those recipes have never let me down (I have yet to have a recipe from Smitten Kitchen turn out bad!).

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