Wednesday, August 31, 2011

SVC Wayzgoose

I don't know about other cities, but in my opinion, I think Seattle is one of the best cities for "fun on the cheap". This past weekend, I went to the free School of Visual Concepts Wayzgoose event. I stumbled upon it via The Stranger (local Seattle newspaper). I was sold when I read that they used a steamroller to make giant original letterpress posters. It really is a contest for the local letter press houses to see who can make the best poster. The posters are auctioned off at the end with the proceeds going back to the school. The giant posters are hanging in the background of the picture below, drying in the sun.


There was so much to see there! There were a bunch of booths with lots of original cards/calenders/posters and then there was a 'make your own Wayzgoose poster' demonstration! I came out of the event with a class schedule (I'm deciding between a letterpress printing or a photoshop one), free t-shirt, tote bag and tons of free posters! Here is just a few of the posters I got.

The event ticket printed on really nice cardstock with gold edging

Blue Wayzgoose poster I printed

Bookmark/Washington Skull sticker that I got

I ended up buying 6 raffle tickets right before I left...and I won an letterpress print of Mark Twain done by a local artist! I can't wait to go to this event next year!


  1. how fun! I'm such a sucker for letterpress :)

  2. Too cool! Bummed I missed it!

  3. ah congrats on winning! that first photo is golden ;)


  4. I totally want to meet up with you, yeah another Seattle foodie (well, Federal Way, but close enough for me)! Shoot me an email: and I'll send you my cell phone so we can chat and meet up.