Monday, August 15, 2011

I've always wanted...

Pocahontas boots. I don't know what about Minnetonka boots has me wanting them year after year. I usually talk myself out of them due to the fact that they are suede (so fairly impractical in the rainy winters here) and they don't seem that sturdy. I saw this picture recently from Dear Scarlet

Granted, she's so adorable that she can pull anything off, it's made me want Pocahontas boots all over again.


  1. Adorable! Now I want some! My inner hippie loves these. I wonder if I can find some in Korea...

    And, yes, you should definitely layover an extra day in Korea! When will you be going to Taiwan??

  2. BTW, I just saw these:

  3. And these:

  4. I love them! I can ship them to you if you want to order! I did that to a couple of my friends who were teaching English there.

    I'm going to Taiwan end of October. Layover on the way there is in Japan and on the way back in Korea :)